It Is Now 2017

January 2, 2017

Preface: most of this is a random phone dump with poorly taken phone pics.

It is 2017 and in perfect Texas fashion it is fairly warm outside.  I would say the weather has been all over the place, and it has, but mostly on the warm side.  Some days it is in the 80s and others in the 50s.
More insta story randoms (MrsEmilyPowell)
 Perfect illustration of why I call Milam a lump.  When he falls asleep he looks so uncomfortable but he always ends up like this.  So glad he'll still fall asleep like this.  For Georgia, this was a very rare occurrence.  I know she did it once but she was sick at the time.
 Georgia is still super obsessed with her brother.  She loves to be the one to go pick him up from his naps.  I wish this wasn't a grainy phone pic.
 She keeps him company while he practices rolling over and gives him roll over inspiration.
 Look guys! I finally rolled over!  YAY!  About a week past 4 months.
 Jonathan and I are doing this clean eating challenge.  It been about half a day and I hate it already.
Super majorly huge mom fail!
 My sweet new year's eve loves.  We were all in bed and asleep before midnight.  Womp Womp.  Milam slept so poorly the night before that I was just spent! mom life.
 A few sweet NYE treats.
 Those little mini party hats and noise makers kept her very entertained on our lowest of low key evenings.  I really wanted to do something fun but I just didn't have it in me this year.
We even did a fake NYE countdown off of Netflix with her.  She will never know the difference and again, I was tired.
From time to time I've snapped New Years pictures of Georgia.  So, of course I had to snag some with baby brother.
 We were up and ready for Church on New Years Day.  Milam slept fine that night but I've been all hopped up on allergy meds so I'm still so sleepy!
 A few things to work on in the new year...
Jonathan is back to work today and Georgia will be back in school tomorrow.  Happy New Year!

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Callie said...

I NEED that Q&A book for kids! Derek and I have one (that we haven't been terribly consistent with), and it's so fun to look back at! Also, so glad Milam sleeps on you. Wyatt was a really snuggly baby, and I was slightly bummed when I had Gwen and found out not every baby is that way! There are advantages to active babies too, but I do love the snuggles. :-)


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