Our Friday

January 13, 2017

I haven't done a day in the life post in a long long time.  I'll just end Friday with what we did today.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.

I get Georgia up at 6:50.  She has Nutella tortillas and watched The Magic School Bus.  She gets ready in our room so I have her eat on the floor so she doesn't get food in our bed.
 My mom or step dad, or sometimes both, come and get Georgia at 7:35 and take her to school.  Her school starts at 8:10.  Jonathan puts a blanket at Milam's door because he thinks it makes it quieter...who knows.
 This little guy woke up right as his sister was leaving.  He's rocking the no swaddled thing most of the time now...and he sleeps on his tummy but when he wakes up he sometimes rolls over to talk.
Fed him and he got sleepy again...
 Made myself some breakfast tacos after Milam had been fed. Corn tortillas and no sour cream so it follows our new "diet".
 We went out and fed the chicken some left overs.
We came back in and I got to work on Milam's breakfast.  His little face poking over the counter top kills me every time.
 Oh hey, MOM!
 Then, we went on a walk.
 SOMEONE fell asleep in the stroller for all of two minutes and had some new found energy.  We wound down for a few minutes and then he was ready for a nap.
 While he slept for two hours I did laundry.  This was pile one of three...
 I also quickly grabbed some lunch at 11.  Although I wasn't really hungry I figured I should eat now while I had the free time.  Spaghetti squash, meat sauce, and a spoon of cottage cheese...so it kind of tasted like lasagna.  It was delish.
 When he got up we ran some errands and came home.  He took a bad nap when we got back.  I got him up and fed him and then we headed to G's school to get her since my mom wasn't in town today.
 When we got back the weather was so nice so we just sat outside and played.  I tried to get a picture to depict Milam's real hair color.  It changes in the light so it's hard to get a good picture.  The one above is actually pretty close.  Kind of strawberry blonde.
 These all show his hair color pretty well, too.  Then I tried to get a good picture of his long eyelashes which is nearly impossible because they too are strawberry blonde but goodness they are long.  People actually comment on them all the time.
 Then his wonderful big sister did this.  Hahaha!
I put him down for his last nap and this was my shirt after.  He drools so much.  This happens every time.  He actually wouldn't fall asleep so I had to let him cry it out.  That lasted all of two minutes and then he was out.
 Jonathan was starving when he got home so we went out after Milam got up from a one hour nap.
 When we got home is was bath and then bed time.  Well, bed for M (7:30) and a movie night for G.
I picked The Parent Trap for tonight because it was on Netflix and Georgia really liked it.
Then, it was off to bed for G (9:30 - weekends she has a late bed time) and J and I vegged with TV and computers.  I have a shoot tomorrow and he has to make a quick appearance at work.  Happy weekend.

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Klein Dot Co said...

I love a Day in the Life post! That bath towel is adorbs :) How are you liking the clean eating? What did y'all d when you dined out?


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