Week in the Live - V

February 24, 2017

This school week was a short one so it goes without saying that this entire week was my favorite.  Plus Jonathan only had to work late once.  Also a favorite! Linking up HERE

Milam started crawling so nothing is safe in the house now but he is so darn cute!
My best friends also came to town for a visit!  For sure a favorite!  The only things on the agenda with them: eat, drink wine, go out to dinner, and shop.  Mission accomplished.

Jonathan made a yummy breakfast and hung out with the kids at home while the girls shopped.  G was sad to be left out.
Jonathan is so good about sending me pictures of my littlest love while I'm gone.  I could just eat him up...Milam that is :)
J cooked dinner that night for everyone and it was delicious.  As always.

I skipped church because my friends were still here AND...
Gs top tooth came out! (Finally.  Oh my gosh...it was so gross so FINALLY!)

was a rainy holiday...we played in the rain and snuggled in bed.  A LOT.  Look at her excitement (above) look at his couldn't-be-anymore-precious face! (below)
Jonathan had to work but he did get home early and then Georgia and I were off to gymnastics.

J had to work late so we made the best of it.  Milam is on the move and into his sister's things.  We're still in the slow moving stage where getting into her stuff is funny.
Milam turned 6 months old and had his little check up and shots.  He is 99% for height and 90% for weight.  Absolutely perfect in every way you can imagine.  On Wednesdays Georgia has been going to church with my mom and step dad.
 Georgia dug into my old dance costumes and was loving every second of it!
 AND...I threw a teeny tiny half birthday celebration because gosh darn it I prayed to get him for TWO AND A HALF YEARS so yes...he's getting a half birthday cupcake because he's my dream come true!
We played outside A LOT because the weather is so nice and we are still wanting to soak up that vitamin D!
Then it was time for ladies BINGO night!  It was designer purse and I was SO close on a few.  Darn.  I did win a Jason's gift card!  Yay!  My brother's practice bought a few tables and a few bags for the winnings so me and my mom and my good friend Megan sat together.  We had a lot of fun!
At Georgia's school today it is Go Texan Day!  She was so excited!  She looked adorable when she left the house this morning!
And, that was our week!  Busy weekend ahead so trying to lay low today.

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Callie said...

I love the puddle jumping picture of Georgia! And it's cute that you did a half birthday cupcake. I always think it's a fun idea but I never remember! My poor kids.


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