Easter 2017

April 17, 2017

I always do a photo shoot before Easter Sunday so I don't feel so much pressure on the day of to get the "good" pictures.  The morning light in our backyard is just perfect and I love how these turned out.  I didn't get any of Milam by himself because he eats all the leaves he can find.
 We didn't do any Easter "theme ware" this year which is odd for me (love themed clothes!) so we all wore blue on Palm Sunday   Milam's collar was accidentally tucked inside his jon jon but he still looks so cute.
I bought these buckets at Aldi and then had a friend make the names for them.  I love how they turned out.  
Georgia took hers to school on Thursday for her class Easter Egg hunt.
I love it when G's teacher texts me pictures.
On Saturday we went to our friend's annual Easter party.  They live on a farm and this is what Georgia looked like at the end of the day.
 Before her bath...
On Sunday the kids were excited to see what the Easter bunny brought.  I usually do summer things like swimsuits and sunglasses.  Milam didn't get that much (book, swimsuit, stuffed animal, and a beach towel) because he has no idea.
I didn't put any sweets in their baskets because we already had all this from the previous day.  Ridiculous.
Then, we went to church
 We had a egg hunt, dinner, and an afternoon of swimming at my brother's house.
Last up is all our Easter decor we had around the house...well, first up was our little area for St. Patrick's day.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Great pictures for your Easter photoshoot!! Adorable!!!!


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