This Week and Allergy Woes

April 13, 2017

Hopefully all of this pollen is on its last leg.  Maybe this is what the Easter bunny is bringing this year?! Just kidding! But seriously, give me all the tissues, oils, Zyrtec, and Vaseline for my dry, dry nose.  I use lavender, mint, and lemon in the diffuser at night near my bed, thieves for my feet, and RC on my chest and cheekbones. (If you need more oil info ask HER - She sent me some samples to try and I got them at just the right time!)
Monday Jonathan had to work late and it was gymnastics night.  Georgia has two one hour classes that are back to back.  Usually, Jonathan comes and picks up Milam on his way home but since he was working he couldn't. So, I had to entertain Milam for two hours at gym which was a bummer because #1 I like to watch her and #2 I like to work on my photo shoot edits.  We ended up leaving about 10 minutes early so we would have time to grab dinner and get baths in time for bed.

On Tuesday three of the four of us got hair cuts!  Milam didn't sit still but it looks so much better.
Bear with me here: Sometimes @Influenster sends me free stuff. Today I got @MarcBeauty (by Marc Jacobs) highlighter. Cue me googling "what is highlighter" followed by a YouTube search of "how to apply highlighter". Unashamed 31 mother of two here ✋­čĆ╝ I tried it, I for the most part liked it, felt kind of fancy, and have a giant bottle of it that I could never use in a life time. Thanks @influenster !!! #CoconutGlow#contest
Wednesday Jonathan went to a Rockets game with his friends so I was home with the kids again.  We skipped church and I made a ton of baby food.  The lowest of low key that you can get.

Today is Thursday and the only plans we have are to do laundry and attend Georgia's spirit night at McDonalds.  Fun stuff.

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