Our Weekend - Super Lame

April 24, 2017

After the flu and this weekend...I need another entire week to recover.  My body tried really hard to get sick but I found a decongestant that I'm not allergic to (no pseudoephedrine for me!) so I was able to beat it before it began.  Plus, I'm fairly certain the Lord heard my prayers during flu week and threw me a bone ;)

Friday was kind of dragging but not horrible.  It ended well because Jonathan and I went to a crawfish boil (which I don't eat) at his boss's house and my mom watched the kids.  We picked up Milam but Georgia spent the night with them.  My mom sent me this picture while we were gone.  I cracked up.  But look at his face, he's gorgeous! (I don't even care if I obnoxiously gush about him!)
Saturday they brought her home and Jonathan worked on his car ALL DAY.  It pretty much stunk.  We recovered and ended the day with cleaning the garage and playing in the back yard.  Super fun.  Oh, and I had a photo shoot in there some where.

Seriously...the stuff this kid will pick up.
Sunday we went to church and had one of Georgia's little friends tag along (who lives down the street from us).  We went out to lunch and the girls played the entire day.  We had dinner at my mom's and then I had yet another photo shoot.  When I got home Jonathan and I did our usual "let's get ready for Monday" routine.  Lots of making baby food and Jonathan making his own homemade granola bars, prepping all of G's lunches and our dinners for the week.
Bring it, Monday.
(but not too hard!)

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