A Week In Recovery

April 28, 2017

This week has gone much better than last week.  I'm just so ready for summer and a lack of routine.  I know I just said this week has gone better but Georgia's attitude is just insane.  She's gotten over being sick but getting back into a routine and not getting to do whatever she wants was REALLY hard for her.

Georgia's first day back in a week was on Monday and she went back to her two hour gymnastics class as well.  She had quite the outburst and got into a lot of trouble.  Just another with an almost 6 year old girl.  Ugh.  It can get hard and then she does things that just melt me.  "I love you Momma.  You're sweet and kind!"

She was so excited to get back to school and see her friends and teacher but by the time she got to gymnastics she was just so SO tired.
I had an eye doctor appointment this day and decided to take G with me so we could have a little mom/daughter date afterwards but that didn't go as planned.  Georgia got into BIG trouble again for continually NOT following directions for my entire appointment.  Cartwheels and back bends are not office behavior.  UGH...again!  I'm constantly battling her hardheadedness while trying to not give her a complex where she thinks she's a bad person.  We ended the evening at my mom's for family dinner and discussing all of Georgia's consequences.
I bought Georgia a wall calendar so she can see her entire month and week.  I want her to see what she has to look forward to, when she gets her privileges back and so on.  I took Milam outside to get some pictures of him standing up on his own.  He's so stinking cute I just can't stand it.
 Georgia coming home is by far his favorite time of day.  He just adores her.  He gets more excited to see her than Jonathan.
 I took them outside to play and Georgia went and got her car for Milam to play with.  Georgia got it for her first birthday and she still LOVES to play with it.  Now he does too.  I know it's pink.  Maybe I'll get him his own but they take up so much dang space.
Jonathan and I both do Bible study on Wednesday night.  I go at church and he goes to Ihop with his guy's group once I get home and after he puts the kids in bed.

We just hung around the house and did nothing exciting
When Georgia got home from school we had a fun afternoon of playing with bubbles and swimming in the kiddie pool
Jonathan got home later than normal so I did a crock pot dinner.  After we had eaten I headed to Sbucks to work.  They have free wifi and usually no screaming kids so it works for me ;)
Jonathan is working late tonight and working tomorrow morning so wish me luck!

-No proof reading went into this post and for that I apologize!-


Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Yay!! Glad she is feeling better!! Looks like they had tons of fun in the pool and bubbles!!

Callie said...

I love your kids' swimsuits! Too cute! I totally get the frustrations with keeping kiddos corralled in public places. ;-)


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