A Week in the Summer Life

June 12, 2017

I finally came to the realization that a lot of Georgia's trendier clothes, ie mostly Matilda Jane, will not be "on trend" by the time my niece can wear them or on the off chance that we have another daughter so I listed her most recent things and will be going through her boxes in the attic little by little to pair things down a bit.  I'm keeping all smocked, appliqued, sun sans and the like for now but anything that won't wear well in about 5 years or so needs to go.  Our attic will thank me.  If you're interested follow along @ShopGeorgiaJohn There are two pairs of MJ shorties left but hopefully I will get around to her other boxes soon.  The attic needs HELP!

Georgia also started her own YouTube Channel called, Georgia Powell the Experiment Gal.  She has two videos so far, I did the first one with my 50mm lens so it isn't that great, but go watch, like, and subscribe HERE!

We have a summer schedule (read HERE), went to Waco (read HERE), and went Blueberry picking (ready HERE)

I've also had a lot of photo shoots which never happens in the summer...because it is too dang hot but we're making it work!

We went to a little splash area in our down town with a CFA picnic.  The babies had a great time.
Enjoying her laid back summer hair (my kids have naturally fantastic hair and I can say that because they're mine!) and the first sprinkling of freckles.
 A summer classic.  Sprinkler and trampoline.
So thankful for a 6 year old who plays with her 9 month old baby brother all day without complaining once.  She's amazing.
A lot of time outside in general.  You better believe Jonathan was singing, "time of my life" during this.
Spending a lot of time in the kitchen with her dad
 Pre-Church game
(Some frizzy hair game on the left and bed head hair game on the right! haha!)
 Georgia was stung by a red wasp when it landed on one of her gel pens outside.  I felt so badly for her.  I've been stung before and cried as a 21 year old.  They HURT! She was beside herself upset but calmed down rather quickly with some lovin'

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