Milam - 10 Months

June 22, 2017

Milam, this month you have been far from a TOTAL joy.  You were joyful all but last week.
You have 6 teeth, are working on 4 more I think, are a full on walker, wave and say hi and bye.  Dance when you hear music, sign "all done", can mimic fairly well with motions or speech.  You went on vacation to Hot Springs, celebrated Father's Day.

You are in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe, size 4 diapers

You sleep 11.5-13 hours a night.  Usually 11.5-12.  You go to bed at 7:30 and take a nap around 12:30.  Typically 2.5-3 hours.  Your schedule is the same as last month.  You love to eat.  So far you don't like raspberries or scrambled eggs but everything else is fair game. (I'll keep trying on those though)
Given a choice you will always pick a car to play with.  You are obsessed with wheels so Nanny, who gets around in a wheel chair, is super cool to you.

Fairly certain your eye lashes are still getting longer if that is possible.

You get shy and it is so cute.  You bury your head in my chest if you meet someone new.
Everyone has been loving your eyes this month even more than before.  You already need another hair cut.  Boy hair is hard to keep tailored.

You obviously wouldn't give me the time of day for these pictures.  Way more interesting things to do.  Anything your sister is doing you want to be doing...running, riding a bike, scootering, want to do IT ALL!  You also love practicing ROARING.  It is so funny.

I'm trying to think about all the things that make you YOU but it is so hard to get it all down in one place.  You're so cute and so sweet.

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