Vacation is Over

June 26, 2017

Back to reality we are.  It isn't all bad though ;)

We joined the Usborne summer reading program (through Brittney) and we're all really excited about it.  I did stand up the books next to her for this picture but she isn't staged.  She can't keep her nose out of them.  We are really excited to get our July and August boxes.
The heat and humidity has hit us hard and so has teething.  We try to be outside when we can but it has to include cold water of some type.
Or...wearing a lot of clothes and sweating a lot while trying to avoid mosquitoes.
AND, it's all fun and games until someone fall so on the driveway :(
Sad, sweet boy.
Then, we abandon our outdoor ways and bring the outside toys in!
This weekend was a LONG one because Jonathan left Friday before we woke up and got home Monday night.  That's a long time for him to be gone considering he NEVER travels for work.
On sunday my mom and step dad took G to church so I could stay home.  G broke M's crib on Friday, and then M busted his forehead on Saturday.  Luckily, sunday brought no exciting events!
Other than church we delivered eggs...
My mom and step dad delivered flowers...
and watched Wellie Wishers on Amazon.
Now, it's Monday and Jonathan is coming home! YAY!

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