Life Update - ALL the pictures edition

July 31, 2017

We just got back from a weekend at the lake but I need to catch up on the past week first.  The little lake trip was our last trip before school starts!  I can't believe (and am so peeved) that Georgia starts school on August 16th.  16th!!!  Insane.

We skipped church this sunday but last sunday we were ready with donuts and Georgia walks in by herself like she's some kind of big kid.
Because mom's lap is the best place to sit... THE HEAT!  It has been over 100 and the mosquitoes and humidity are terrible.  Still trying to get in our walks in the morning
But, we've also been playing a lot inside so building forts are a must.  Milam loves them and just giggles so much.
Georgia and I have been doing a little bit of school every day.  Michelangelo was on this day's agenda.
I gave the splash pad a try.  Spoiler alert.  It was way too hot and we left.
"Mom, look I made a deer.  It's eating grass.  I'll shoot it in the heart so it dies."  She taped it to my dresser and hunted it with a bow and arrow.
Her twins, "Milo and Lauri".
When she dresses herself...notice the clip on earrings
More dates to Flourish
and a casual lunch
Jonathan and I celebrated our NINE year anniversary with a fancy little dinner date and the mutual gift of a kitchen remodel.  We're already planning on a celebratory TEN year trip for next year!
Still has on the clip on earrings
Drinking the fries
Good hair:
Bad food hair:
Last picture before the old kitchen got remodeled!
Scary air compressor.  Momma carrying you makes it better
Milam has taken to climbing everything and it is very exhausting.
He's such a stinker but he's so dang cute and sleeps so good.


Lyndsey said...

August 16th???!! That's ridiculous! :(

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Gosh, summer has just flown by, hasn't it!? Crazy you only have 2 more weeks! I actually had several people on IG posting their kids first day of school pics TODAY! I've never heard of schools starting Aug. 1. I hope they get out early, too!
Isn't it wild you've been married almost a decade? Our 10 year is next year, too and we really want to do a trip somewhere. The last time the 2 of us spent more than 1 night away without kids was our honeymoon!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Wow!! August 16th is super early to start school!!! Looks like you guys have been having a great time!!! My little guy loves to climb on everything, too!! Boys are just full of energy and so adventurous!!


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