Milam - 11 Months

July 22, 2017

I'm in total denial that you will be ONE next month.  Cue the tears and total disbelief.
Notice how over the laundry basket you are.  One more month my little buddy.

You love:
your sister
to roar
to read books
sitting in my lap
to clap

You can:
sign all done

You Say:
hi and bye
night night
momma and dadda
You emulate what we do.  You try to say the same amount of syllables that we do.  You try to do what we're doing.  Like, if I'm doing lunges then you bounce up and down.  You run, and chase.  You like to be chased.  You get so excited.

Your stats:
24.6 pounds = 95%
32 1/8 inches = 99%

12-18 or 18-24 month clothes
size 4 shoe but your feet are so fat that sandals are your best option
size 4 diaper

You have 6 teeth and as far as I can tell no signs (other than a lot of drool and a HUGE drool rash) of any more.
You sleep 11.5 - 13.5 hours a night.  You go to bed at 7:30 every night.  You nap (one nap) 2.5-3.5 hours every day.  You start your nap at 12:30 every day.

You eat 4-6 oz bottles when you get up in the AM, at nap, when you get up, after dinner, and at bed.

Your drool rash looks ok when you first wake up in the AM but as the day goes on and as you drool and sweat through out the day it gets worse.  I use Aquaphor the most but also use Honest Company healing balm and diaper rash cream.  Jonathan is just about the only person in our house who doesn't have sensitive skin.  I know you'll just out grown it but I hate it for your right now.

You have the funniest and sweetest personality.  Most of the day you are so happy.  You love your sister and give her the biggest hugs.  You give the best scrunched up smile when you are excited and run at us with your arms up in the air and your eyes closed.  You love to play outside and spin wheels over and over again.  You understand stepping down things down but you still bump your head constantly.  You still always fall asleep on me and your dad's chest like a large tree frog.  You lap up water in the bath tub like you're a dog.  You're less shy but even if you are shy you warm up quickly.  I always feel like I'm missing so much of you here.  You're my sweet little prince and I love every little bit of you.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

He's getting so big!! Such a cutie pie!!!


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