Milam's First Bithday

August 25, 2017

We had a small family party for Milam turning one.  It was kind of car themed and I used turquoise and red.  He has no friends and none of our friends have kids even close to his age so, small family party it was.  It was really nice and sweet and fun.  We sang, ate, and watched him open his gifts.  With back to school dinner, meet the teacher, Georgia's first day of school, and Jonathan's birthday all in the same week I was quite busy but we managed to get it all done.  For Georgia's first birthday we had a big family day and went to the zoo.  Sorry buddy, your birthday is in August so there is no way I was going to the Houston.  Oh the humidity.  I do have a big family day planned for you soon though!
I framed his one year picture and his invitation.  I also printed out all of his monthly pictures and taped them to the striped wall in the dining room.
No balloons because Milam eats everything and they make me a bit nervous that he'll choke. (Said from someone who's had the heimlich maneuver done to her!) Although I would have done them if I could have figured out a way to keep him and Georgia out of them :/

A few days later we celebrated Jonathan turning 32.  Georgia added some decor for him.
Then, on the 22nd Milam actually turned ONE!  We had dinner and cake at home again (for the third time that week) to celebrate.  It's been a good week although I have so much mom guilt because I didn't make any of your items homemade and normally I always do.  It was such a busy busy week!  You didn't seem to mind though.

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