Kitchen Remodel

August 24, 2017

We finally took the time to have our kitchen remodeled.  Yay.  It is lacking a new ceiling light in the kitchen and paint on the ceiling but we'll get there at some point. (I swear that if my kids were just gone for one weekend I could get my entire checklist done!)  Here is what it looks like today.  I'm surprised Milam didn't end up in any of these pictures.  Now, I just need to redo all the dining furniture and get new chairs.  It's always something.

We chose white bead board as the back splash because there were several uneven surfaces in the kitchen.  This worked to cover all of them.  #oldHouseProblems We did butcher block for the counter tops because I wanted a somewhat cottage-y feel.  They are from Lumber Liquidators.  I stained them and sealed them with Rustoleum stain and sealer.  I used antique white I think.  I couldn't do an apron front sink because the sink is centered under the window but not centered above the lower cabinet (oddly enough) #oldHouseProblems and despite seeing a lot of undermount sinks with butcher block (on Pinterest) we had several contractors tell us it wasn't the best idea.  So, this is what we were able to come up with.  The sink is from Home Depot and I think the faucet is from Lowe's.  It was super in expensive and nearly exactly what I was wanting.

The light fixtures were second hand redone ones that I ended up really liking.

We still need to get the 60's style built in redone and I want to add banquette seating in the breakfast area.
I need a new laundry room door that has glass.  We get a lot of light in the laundry room and I want to filter that into the rest of the house.
You can see the 60's built in here.  It's like you're in jail.  Not charming in the slightest.
 We also had the wall opened up into the dining room so you could walk right in from the living room.  These pictures are all really dark.  I tried.
Our house does not get a lot of natural light so getting pictures is really hard.   So for now, the kitchen is done.  Like 95%...for now ;)

AND, a quick reminder of what it looked like the day we bought it!


Gina said...

We just bought our first home (stuck in the 80's) and are doing projects as well so I love posts like this. Thanks for sharing, looks so bright and inviting

Callie said...

Wow, it looks amazing! I love the bear board too!


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