Catch All Update

October 30, 2017

I had 12 shoots this weekend.  15 were scheduled but per the usual things get dropped.  I've been so busy and I'm going to be so busy this week editing.  It's insane.  This next weekend is pretty busy as well but then it calms down a lot.

Milam goes and sits on the porch now because I take the kid's pictures there.  He's so funny.  I just couldn't/can't get my porch looking the way I want.  I have been so crazy busy and just don't have the time for the house that I normally have.
The week was even a little crazy.  My mom and step dad went on vacation and they watch Milam while I take G to gym on Tuesday and Thursday.  I had to take him this week so that was interesting.  Then, Georgia had her Mom breakfast at school, a teacher conference, and Milam had a doctor appointment to check on his cough (he's's just a cough).  So lots of driving, coughing, running noses, containment...
Jonathan and Georgia started reading Harry Potter.  So that's fun.  Jonathan has read them all but I never have.
Trying to get the most wear possible out of his pumpkin shirt and skeleton pajamas.  Super fun.  He needs new pants but I'm having the hardest time finding some that aren't skinny cut.
Also super fun that he can move chairs around the house to climb on things that he shouldn't.
This kid is insane.  Always climbing and falling.  We found him on the dining table this week.  Not how he got the bump on his head but still crazy!
This one has the silliest personality.
And, onto Monday.  Have a good one.

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