The Weekend

October 23, 2017

Not a super busy week here.  Just he usual.  School.  Gymnastics.  The added bonus of the Homecoming Parade on Thursday that I posted about HERE.

I've had so many shoots so that means my house is a disaster.  But, my turn around for photos is fantastic if I do say so myself.  Dodged a lot of bad weather this weekend and ended up only cancelling one shoot due to rain.  A win in my book.

Milam is going 100 MPH always.

Let's hit the mums and watch all the petals fall off.
 Mom was going to let me splash in about an inch of water.  BUT, this was way more fun.
 Fence.  No problem.
 Momma put me on the ground so I climbed back into my high chair.  More food please.
It was raining on Sunday and super yucky so we could only get a picture after church under the awning but it will have to do.
Right after this picture there were bloody lips and ant bites because my kids make poor choices.  Haha.  Motherhood I suppose.  I love these bundles but dad working late on a friday night is a super bummer.

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

"100 MPH always" is an incredibly accurate description of my boys, as well. I hear boys are easier to raise the older they get-I'm hoping that's true ;)


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