Homecoming 2017

October 20, 2017

We were all bummed that we couldn't make it to Baylor Homecoming so we enjoyed Conroe High School's homecoming.  We went to the parade, bought a Conroe shirt, bought a MUM (even though I myself would never be caught dead in a mum and yes, I'm a native Texan), and had a lot of fun.
We wore our best black and gold (all but Jonathan...who wore blue) and hit up down town to watch the parade.  Very disappointed that they didn't throw goodies to the crowd.   We did grab her a shirt to wear to the game...that we ended up not going to.  It was a long day with lots of unscheduled changes that came up so it just didn't work out.
 Super proud of her little mum.  Texas pride!
 This kid in that vest.  Melts me! Ahh!
 Then there is this one!  She is a literal mess in a dress...or matching shirt/skirt.
 His sweetly trying to steal her sucker.
 His face verses her face.  Give me that SUCKER!
 Hey little stud muffin!
All dolled up on a dreary morning and ready for school!

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