Fall Wrap Up!

November 30, 2017

We had a great fall holiday season.  Very busy but fun.

Jonathan's school's football team made it to the play offs and beat the school Jonathan and I went to for high school.  I was so excited for them.  I wasn't a fan of our school's team even when I was there.
Georgia went with him to his second game.  Super bummer because they lost.
 We had to make sure we got in all of our fall clothes before it was time for coordinating Christmas clothes.
It's not the easiest thing in the world matching a boy girl set who are over 5 years apart but I try.
Matching on thanksgiving at my aunt's house.
 All the little ones had such a good time playing!
Georgia was baptized!
We made a quick over night trip to Waco to meet up with my friends and visit Jonathan's family.  Waco is one of our family favs.
 When you're perfectly color coordinated on accident with the besties...
 Donut run with dad!
 Cousins going to pick up another cousin from preschool.  We took G out of school on Friday to go to Waco so her cousins were excited to see her at pick up.
Y'all.  We have tried two times to take family pictures.  Georgia has been a 100% trooper.  J comes in at a 50% troop and Milam is bringing up the rear with 0%.  Seriously.  He's so busy it is insane!
 Busy until I need him to be awake...but BunBun.  So sweet.
 Brother loves to eat.  So glad we are past those 4 little days of food strike.
Then, there is this one.  As fiery as every.  Her sass.  Her mouth.  She's "yes m'am" one minute and "ughhhh!" the next.
 Hot chocolate in bed with a movie to kick off our break.

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