Milam - 15 Months

November 25, 2017

Due to all the Thanksgiving cheer this post is very late.  Sorry little guy.

You literally light up my life and the life of every one who meets you.
Being outside, running away from me, eating, petting our dog Perry, reading touch and feel books, playing with your sister, taking baths, hugging your dad, giving "sugars", climbing on EVERYTHING. Talking all the time.  You know a lot of your body parts.  You love Christmas more than I have ever seen in any child.  You literally ohh and ahh over all of it.  It is the best.  You love music, singing, and dancing.

Being told no, getting dressed or getting your diaper changed, coming inside, leaving mom or dad.  You can tell from these pictures that our Christmas picture attempt #1 went really well.  Spoiler, attempt #2 was a fail as well.
Newer Tricks:
You can say bites, snacks, small two word sentences like, "hi momma, bye bye daddy", outside, you can bark like a dog, gobble like a turkey, meow like a cat, and roar like a bear/lion/dinosaur.  All that is in addition to the words listed on your previous posts. You can do front rolls, jump, and try to do jumping jacks.  You still use your baby sign language but we can understand most of your requests verbally.

Thanks to the "wake to sleep" method I have you sleeping in again for now.  You sleep 7:30-7:30 and nap 12:30 to 3:30 usually.
You are never quiet or still.  You are still terrified of the vacuum.  You stick your finger up your nose when you meet new people.  I thought having a child with blonde hair and blue eyes was an attention grabber but your red hair and blue eyes and mile long lashes spark a lot of conversations with strangers.

You are in 24m clothes, 5 diaper, and 7 shoes.  I don't know your weight or height.
I'm missing so much about you here and am wracking my brain trying to remember everything and write all the details about you.

I love you so much my little prince!

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