Where Did I Leave Off {Fall 2017}

November 16, 2017

Look where I can sit mom...
on a pumpkin
 on the porch
 on the curb
Milam is going a million miles a minute always.  I'm so happy he's healthy and thriving and smart but oh my goodness I am exhausted.  I pretty much chase him all day.  And he's in a wonder week so he's sleeping about an hour less at night and an hour less during nap time and it is killing me.  I need those two hours back.
 Exhibit A: Milam gets his head stuck in a chair in about 2 minutes.  I put him down in the laundry room because he was petting our dog Perry in there.  I ran to the bathroom to pee QUICKLY and this is what happened.  He must have followed me as soon as I walked out of the laundry room.  Sorry for the ugly snot picture but this is how I found him  I was trying to not laugh and cry at the same time from the spectacle.
He's running in this picture because he feels so proud to be in new big boy shoes.
He is so sweet though.  We have a lot of river rocks in our yard and Milam would walk over to them and pick on carefully and then proudly bring it back and put it in my hand.  He's so cute.
Georgia's school does story book pumpkins and Georgia selected Harry Potter.  I did the best I could in about an hours time.
 I made some fall fun snacks for the kids to enjoy.  I enjoyed them too.
Thank you for this delightful candle TJ Maxx!
I never imagined their relationship would be this sweet.  They are best friends and love each other so much.
 Tent in the car
Each weekend I've had upwards of ten shoots so the fam met me when I was done the past weekend for dinner.  I feel like we are just coming and going these days.  Jonathan usually works late one day a week, has Bible study on Wednesday and then I usually have photo shoots Fri-Sun.  It is a busy, busy time for us right now.
A few weeks ago Milam was so cranky because of the ragweed and now (Tuesday) Georgia was diagnosed with flu and strep.  Her fever started on Sunday late morning and by Tuesday at 7:30 it was gone.  She's done really well.  I'm just tying trying to keep everyone else well!
Every time I would ask her how she felt she would say, "fine!".  She would NEVER stop talking, or doing gymnastics, or eating.  It was been the strangest illness...if her fever hadn't of been 104.9 I would have never known she was sick.  Ugh.  I need both of my kids to be well at the same time!
 We've been practicing a lot of school work while she's been home. (She has to be out all week) We're having this "test" translation thing going on.  She does all of her homework perfectly without issues and then when it comes time to get a major grade at school she semi bombs...it's not translating for some reason.  I'm not sure what's going on because she knows the info (math is the only time this is happening) but she does have anxiety problems, silliness problems, talks too much, and lacks focus but I'm trying not to give her a "complex" about it because she's 6.  She's a young first grader so I'm hoping she'll out grow it but I guess at the end of the day she knows the content so that's all that matters.
Post cold meds...finally some calm.  And, she put the diffuser on her chest.
My organization is out of control.
Georgia went back to school this week and was so glad to go!  We're all healthy and happy and ready to kick off Thanksgiving break!

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Callie said...

Ah, I'm so behind on blog reading! It was fun to read these catch up posts. Milam is getting so big!


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