Georgia at 6.5

December 1, 2017

On November 17th my sweet peach of a girl turned 6.5.  She's growing at lightening speed and keeps Jonathan and I cracking up or pulling out our hair in equal parts.  She's beautiful on the inside and the out and I am genuinely proud of the girl she is growing up to be.
She weighs a little more than 50 pounds which is about the 71st percentile.  She is in a 13 shoe and 6/7 clothes.  I don't know how tall she is.
She loves her friends and family including all her little and big cousins.  Her brother is probably her favorite person in the world...maybe second to her dad.  She is super social and always wants to have friends over to play or for dinner.  She gets so excited to go to her friend's houses and is enjoying all her new little friends in her first grade class.  She looks forward to all aspects of her day so much so that she has a hard time enjoying what she's doing now because she's always thinking of the next thing.  She is super silly and doesn't have a ton of focus (hoping she'll grow into that).  Her main focus is how quickly she can change out of school clothes and into play clothes and go join her biker gang outside.
She's currently reading Harry Potter with her dad.  Her Christmas list consists of a microscope, gymnastics bar, green fit bit, and matching clothes for her and her dolls.  She likes watching Jessie, Liv and Maddie, Spirit, and Star Wars.  She draws and writes a lot, loves to ride her bike, loves doing cartwheels and back bends.  She likes her nails to be painted and to think she's wearing high heels.
She is so full of life and spunk.  She loves her little brother BIG.  Her best subjects in school are science, social studies, and reading/writing.  She'll tell you she loves math (and does pretty well) but rushes through.  Her favorite parts of school are specials, recess, and lunch.  She loves talking...and everyone knows.  Her favorite special is art but she loves computer and library too.  She doesn't care for music class and seems to tolerate PE.
If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she'll tell you a missionary, vet, or nurse...maybe even a taco chef.  Whatever she picks I think she'll do great at it.  She gets fixated on things and that's all we hear about and that's all she cares about.  Hopefully that will work in her favor someday ;)
Georgia, your dad and I love you so much! Milam too!  You are always making us laugh and smile and your little brother thinks you are just the best thing in the world.  I love your little personality and love the person you are growing into!

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