Our First Christmas Weekend

December 4, 2017

This weekend was the first weekend since September maybe where I haven't had to work so we just wanted to hang out as a family with no photo shoots or editing hanging over my head.  We went to this place called, Annette's Touch of Class a few towns up and it was a lot of fun.
NOOOO! Which actually sounds more like, "Moooooooooow!"
More of his new favorite word.
I clearly took a lot (too many) pictures but it was fun.

After nap time we were even able to fit in a 3rd round of family photos.  Milam is a tough cookie to photograph but I managed to get some OK ones and made our card on Postable and they are already being made and mailed out.  I don't have to do a thing.  It is literally the best thing ever.  I used the code "Thanks25" and got 25% off.  Whaaaat?!?!
We snuggled in bed and watched a lot of Christmas movies.  We watched, "White Christmas", "Trolls Holiday", and "The Snowman".  I think we watched "Rudolph" at some point as well.  Gah, aren't they so cute?!
 Then, we hit up Bethlehem City.  It is a drive through nativity at a local church and we go every year.  It's a lot of fun and the kids really like it.  Milam was sitting in Jonathan's lap and honked the horn.  It was so embarrassing.
Church was a Christmas music service so we let G come with us.  She was good most of the time.
 Our church has a beautiful tree and we try to snap a picture there every year.  It's huge!
I sneak out early to get Milam sometimes and bring him into the end of the service.  As soon as I walked in with him he yelled, "BALLLLLL" at the top of his lungs so J just circled him right back out.  So embarrassing...yet again.
 While J was cooking dinner Milam managed to get on top of G's desk and the piano.  He's so cute and so frustrating.  He can get to the top of a piece of furniture in less than five seconds.  Seriously, if you take your eyes off of him he is instantly somewhere he shouldn't be.
We had such a good weekend.  It was so nice.  I had this weekend blocked off for computer repairs but it turns out J and I were able to do it ourselves.  I took my computer in to best buy and they couldn't find anything wrong with it and the guy showed me how to do a few other little things to clean it up and get it to run faster.  Anyhow, I did that on Monday (While skipping MOPS because I forgot about the meeting!) thinking they would have it awhile and I didn't have to leave it at all but I DO NOT regret all this family time we were able to have...even if I forgot Saturday was Georgia's practice run for her skills meet for gym next saturday.  I hope they still let her participate.  I've been such a ding bat with all my shoots lately and signed her up last minute and forgot about the practice.  Ugh! I've got to do better!  I literally just got my planner out and wrote down everything in it that I could think of...oh, and add parents night out at church that I also forgot about.  That was a bad one!

Next weekend is turning out to be a busy one as is the next.  Happy Holidays, huh?

Happy Monday everyone!

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