All The New Years Things

January 1, 2018

New Year's Eve we got up and went to church just like any other sunday.  The kids had matching black velvet outfits because...just because.  Milam was so thrilled to have his Daddy holding him for sunday morning photos.  I loved his momma boy phase the first year of his life.  Grateful while it lasted because right now he is all about the daddy.
 The shirt that went with his outfit was dirty so this plain white t-shirt was a poor substitute.  And his hair was fixed.  I'm not sure why I even try anymore.  His bangs are finally caught up to the rest where I can have them trimmed again.
Notice her little Harry Potter necklace poking out?!
 We had dinner that night at a church sunday school party.  Kids welcome.  When we walked in I told everyone they would regret inviting kids because of Milam.  He is so loud.  Both of my kids have big personalities.
 My failed attempt at a family phone pic
 This crazy kid. We did a Netflix countdown with her like we did last year.  We won't be able to pull that on her next year.  It took a lot of convincing to get her to do it this year.  She didn't fully believe it was midnight.  We're terrible.  I know.
New Years Day I had a newborn shoot and when I got home the fam was making me veggie lasagna because I had been wanting it so BAD! It was delicious.  A quiet new year for us for sure.  Love my people...and especially his crazy bed head :)

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