Lazy Weekends

January 29, 2018

I am so busy during the rush of Christmas card photo season and then I was super busy after Christmas with large family photo shoots and newborn sessions.  These past two weekends I haven't had any photo shoots and it has been so nice having this break!  Being lazy with my people and just worrying about spending time with them is so SO great.

On Friday I went to Georgia's school where she received the Trustworthiness award.  Every month her school focuses on a different character trait.  Then, at the end of the month the teacher selects the child in her class that best represents that trait.  Last year she was given the Kindness award and this year she got trustworthy.  I am so proud of this little girl!  I told Jonathan earlier that she is suddenly growing up at an increasingly rapid rate.  It is heartbreaking and exciting all at the same time.
 These two love the trampoline.  In these pictures though he had found her braid.  Super interested in that!  It was hysterical.
 When all your friends want to run and play but you just want to read your Harry Potter book...
On Saturday we went to Georgia's friend, Ethan's, birthday party.  When we moved to Conroe Ethan and Georgia were two.  TWO.  Now, he's 7!  I just can't believe it!
 Later that night Jonathan's parents came over for dinner and when they went home we played a Bob Ross game.  I thought it was fun but Jonathan wasn't as on board as Georgia and I were.
On Sunday we went to church and Milam wore a little outfit that was my brother's.
Later that day Jonathan made Harry Potter wands with Georgia and a neighborhood boy.  Best dad ever.
 For dinner we went to Freebirds.  His eyelashes are what every little girl dreams of.  Sigh...
Sunday night consisted of baths and Netflix once the kids were in bed.  (Read: Me watching, "Diana: In her Own Words" and trying to not bawl like a baby.)
On we go to Monday...womp womp

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