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January 26, 2018

On Friday Georgia had a Kid's Night at church and my mom watched Milam so Jonathan and I got to go to another DATE NIGHT!  That's TWO dates in TWO weeks.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS! (Hence all the capital letters!!!)  Her night was winter Olympics themed.  Jonathan and I went out to dinner and sat next to the most obnoxious man.  Nothing better than looking across the table and locking eyes and knowing you're annoyed at the same person.  True love.  ha.  After dinner we went to the book store because I wanted to not listen to a man cuss loudly to impress his friends.
 Georgia had a skills meet on Saturday and Jonathan took her while I stayed home with Milam so he could nap.  She did really well and her skills have really grown since we switched gyms.

On Sunday (after church) we went to Cici's (unfortunately) because Georgia had a coupon from school but she really enjoyed going up to the buffet and getting toys from the machine.  Milam on the other hand isn't eating too well at all thanks to his molar pain.  I can't wait until that last one comes in hopefully he'll be feeling and eating better.
Milam lately is just really into making messes.  With his toy sink.  Or food.  Getting food in his hair.  Spilling water all over the floor.  Hiding his clean laundry from me in the sink.
He needs a hair cut so badly.  I pulled it up the other day to get it out of his face.  Jonathan died.  Milam didn't care for it much either.  He also has the worst bed head ever.  It needs to be tamed.  Chandler Bing anyone?!
Jonathan did the yard the other day but ran out of time before it started raining.  Milam is very much enjoying the huge piles of leaves in our backyard.
His eyelashes kill me!
 The weather has been so much better since our huge freeze.  Loving the sun and warmer weather.
Georgia likes to watch documentaries with me.  She was watching an art documentary that had a Medusa sculpture.  She ran and got her art guide and found a Caravaggio painting of Medusa and was like, "Look mom, it's the same one!" and it was!  The sculpture was based off of that painting.  So crazy smart of her!  That kid amazes me.  She was also rambling off facts about the Titanic.  I asked her how she knew that and she said, "I read it in a book at school".  
I took the rest of the month of January off of Instagram (MrsEmilyPowell) just to re evaluate how I spend my time.  Nothing special.  But, I will be back to over posting on February 1st after some new habits have hopefully taken hold.

She was feeling especially sassy this particular Thursday...
She's been doing so well at gymnastics.  I'm so proud of her.
And here we are.  It's FRIDAY!

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