Milam - 17 Months

January 23, 2018

Short and sweet post for my sweet 17 month old. 
(I actually wrote this yesterday but I had to take the pictures today.  You were pretty cranky yesterday, but all is well today!)
As of today you are eating and sleeping like a champ.  12 hours or more at night and three hour naps.  Don't know your sizes.  You are taller but are starting to look like you're thinning out.  You try to say everything we do.  You got another molar today so now you have three molars total.  One more to go.  Yay!  This morning you were acting fussy so I felt your gums and it hadn't come in yet.  Today you woke up 30 minutes into your nap and I felt and it had come through.  You went back to sleep with little fuss after Tylenol and Oragel.
You love to run and jump, ride your "bike", play with your sister, climb, and talk.  Toys you can sit on or push seem to be your favorites.  You love to "help" your dad cook dinner.  You really like your routine and don't fight it.  If we say, "let's go night night" then you will run in your room, grab your milk, and climb into your chair with a book.  We obviously think you're just the smartest.

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