Week in the Life - 8

February 26, 2018

We had a long weekend so our week didn't really start until Tuesday. Unfortunately, Jonathan had to work late and he actually worked on Monday too although he didn't have students.  So, it was just me and the kids.  I have no idea what we did but I know I had everyone was in bed early and I enjoyed free time.

Other than taking Georgia to school and going to gymnastics I have no idea what I did with my life on this day.  I snapped this really quickly on the way to school one morning.  Practicing fish face was apparently was the most important thing that happened on Wednesday. 
Georgia went to gymnastics per the usual and also her and Jonathan's ukuleles came in.  I joked about this a lot on instagram (MrsEmilyPowell) and facebook but she's doing better than I thought.  She can strum up (not so well down) and knows A and C.  Hopefully she's starting piano after spring break and she has the sweetest little singing voice but she doesn't want to do choir.  I'm wanting to squeeze in some voice in with piano but we'll see.
Milam also turned 18 months old.  Pardon me while I cry in a corner.

Go Texan Day was on Friday and that is basically how the Houston area kicks off the rodeo season.  It is one of my favorite days of the year and I love seeing everyone all dressed up and looking so cute.  I'm still on the hunt for some boots and rodeo outfits for Milam.
Jonathan had to work late again.  The kids and I were on our own for dinner and entertainment.  They played outside for EVER with the neighborhood kids until it was time for dinner. I let them cook and dance at the counter while we made pizza and salad and listened to some music.  Milam was in bed early again and Georgia and I stayed up.
G and I stayed up for a girl's night.  We made smores and ate "cookie dough" balls and drank Izze and watched Princess Diaries which I had forgotten wasn't super appropriate for her age level.
 She turned her balance beam into a bed and wanted to sleep there.  Um...no.
Georgia's skills meet was Saturday morning at 8:30 which was nice because it freed up the rest of our day.  It only lasts about an hour and a half.  She was a little nervous but I was so proud of her because she got all rainbow ribbons which means she has mastered all the skills for her level group.  She has worked so hard and grown so much since switching gyms. She goes to Power Tumbling on Wednesday and Gymnastics on Thursdays.
 She was really proud of herself
That evening we had several friends over for dinner and I took no pictures because keeping up with Milam is a full time job and Georgia scratched her eye and that turned into a big ordeal for her.  By Sunday she was fine so no worries.

Church as usual.  But Sunday brought even MORE rain than we've already seen this month so pictures were inside.
 I mean, COME ONE!  So cute, right?!  Baby brother loves his second momma.
Jonathan also managed to get the award for most girl scout cookies ordered by one person.  I'm not even kidding.  He was the little girls biggest order.  Way to go, J.
We've also been checking things off of our 2018 to do list.  Window boxes has been a big one for a long time but for some reason we've never done it.  Jonathan built these really quickly and hung them up while it rained.  Now we just have to stain and seal them and add some pretty flowers.  It isn't spring yet so obviously our plants are pruned and looking super bare.  Hoping everything flowers really nicely once it warms up and we see some sun again.  
I'm going to try to keep my life update posts just for Mondays.  So, come back next Monday (hopefully) and I'll post more about the everyday.

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