Big Bend 2018 - Day 1

March 21, 2018

Jonathan and I have been wanting to go to Big Bend for years but it is such a long drive (no where to fly in to) we had been putting it off.  Couple that with us both having busy work schedules it just had never been put in our planners but this year WE DID IT!

Our first day was mainly a travel day.  It was also daylight savings so we were extra tired.  I planned two stops and both were really good.  Our first one was a rest stop but I was looking for green space and places my kids could stretch their legs.  Milam does not like riding in the car so I knew we would all need a break.  We stopped at Guadalupe County Safety Rest Area.  It had clean restrooms, trails, and a good playground.
A few pictures of this little hot mess...
Then, our views began to change!
Our second stop was at Eaton Hill Nature Center in Sonora.  We looked a fossils, rocks, rattle snakes, and walked on some trails to find some treasures.  We even got to look at (an old blind) rat snake but we didn't touch it.  Jonathan might have but the rest of us passed.
After three or so more hours we pulled into Marathon Texas.  We stopped at the Gage to look around and eat dinner.  Beautiful location and great food.
Looked around French's Grocer.  They have it all.
Then, we were off again.  We headed towards Alpine to our house for the night.
We stopped to visit Target and snap some pics of the kids because the traffic flow is so little.
Little boys and trains.  That one was flying by and Milam was in heaven!
We rented a house in Alpine and can't say enough good things about the town of Alpine.  We really liked it there and wish we had more time to explore.  We really needed an extra day to travel but I wanted to spend the second half of spring break at home to decompress some.  Our house was good.  Wasn't amazing for our needs but I would rent a larger home from the family but not our specific unit again.  We really enjoy having a bit more space than a one bedroom (which is what we rented.)

Stay tuned for day two and beyond!

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