Big Bend 2018 - Day 3

March 29, 2018

On day three we headed out to Fort Davis with plans on seeing the base and going to McDonald Observatory.  Spoiler alert.  We forgot the observatory even existed and never remembered to go.  Ooops!  Because of Milam's sunburn the day before we had to find Milam a sunhat.  Well, in Alpine Texas we could only find a cowboy hat.  We kept getting compliments on his hat and I was kept having to tell people it wasn't because we were in West Texas but because he had a sunburn.  He did look cute though.  We snagged lunch to go at Stone Village Market and I highly recommend it!  The food was great and they had an amazing selection of whole, organic, healthy products.  Then, we headed to the military post.  It was super interesting and for sure a must see but Milam was a lot to handle that day (he's at a super bad age for traveling but we are just powering through!).  I wish we could have had more time there but Milam was disturbing the peace.  On this day I had a scheduled in nap time because I knew we would all be tired and WE WERE! I was so glad I did.  Milam needed the nap!
Milam slept the entire way home and luckily we were able to get him down to finish his nap at the house.  We ended up having to wake him up after about 2.5 hours.  I napped on the couch because I hadn't been sleeping well (I rarely do when we travel) and Jonathan and Georgia went and explored the town of Alpine and had a great time.  Two peas in a pod those two!  They actually set out to go to Big Bend Brewing Company but it was closed so they just wandered around town while Milam and I slept.
Once we got up we got dressed and headed to Marfa for dinner at Hotel Paisano (get reservations!).  The restaurant inside is called Jett's Grill and it was delicious!!!  Before dinner we looked around Marfa but not a ton is open during the week even though we went during spring break.  The hours of everything is west Texas are really strange.

His sunburn.  Ahh.  Mom fail!  It took him awhile but he eventually left the hat alone.
 Playing in the kitchen sink so mom and dad could get dressed.  Renting a house is the best thing ever once you have kids.  We can't go back to hotels.
After dinner we drove to Valentine Texas to see Prada.  Way more magnificent than Prada was the sunset.  That was the real show stopper.  Oh my goodness, y'all!
I need an entire wall in my house just for these sunset images.  I adore them.  Even this family photo where Jonathan and Georgia are cute, Milam is sunburn but cute, and I look like a mess, and it's blurry but I'm super thankful to that high school boy who offered to take it for us!
After this we drove into Marfa to look at the Marfa lights.  Super strange but a lot smaller than I thought.  What the heck are they?!  It was cold so we didn't stay out long.  We headed to DQ for dessert.  We don't normally go to "chains" on vaca but there was no other dessert option open in town.  While I was ordering a stray dog walked up to the to-go window.  Jonathan got out and told him to "sit" and he did.  He had on a collar but no tags.  He was about to run out onto the highway so Jonathan put him in our car.  Luckily there were two cops in DQ who took him to the station and put him up on their FB page and were going to run his micro chip.  He was super sweet and loved our kids so I know he was someone's pet.  Georgia wanted to keep him but we told her there was probably a little girl out there missing him so we needed to get him home.  Hoping he found his owners!  He's blurry in this picture because he was in the process of climbing from the trunk all the way to my lap! Haha!
After our dog adventures we headed back to our house and crashed for the night!

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