Week of the Life - 12

April 2, 2018

Oh goodness this week has been a doozy!

As of Sunday Georgia was the only one in the house feeling 100%.  On Monday as soon as I dropped Georgia off for school I took Milam and I straight to the doctor.  I was so congested and he had a fever.  I had a sinus/ear infection and Milam's ears and throat checked out ok but he still had a fever.  They gave me an antibiotic and did nothing for him so he had to fight it out on his own.  On top of his fever he's cutting three eye teeth and is having horrible separation anxiety.  When he's on fever reducer he's fine (besides a lot of snot) but he just wants to be with me.

And me, honestly I haven't had my throat hurt since high school when I had my tonsils taken out.  And even now (Friday) it still hurts.  It's been over a week since I first got sick.  All this dang yellow pollen and my sinus cavities just do NOT mix!  Plus my ears are clogged and have a dull pain

I wore Milam a lot and he would just lay his sweet little head on my back.  Poor baby.
 He colored all over our living room chairs.  Aren't crayola markers supposed to be washable?!
 My step dad did bring us ice cream.  Yum and feels good on these scratchy throats.
 So proud of this girl!  We knew she was getting all A's but her report card came in (with all the free kid's meal coupons that she loves!), she's learning SO many new skills in gymnastics/power tumbling and she got selected to be on team.  We're really excited for her new little journey and I'm so proud of all her hard work. 

 On top of all his other issues for the little boy he sat in an ant bed.  About 25 bites total.  Poor little buddy didn't sleep well with all that itchy-ness.  Goodness he needs to turn the page of better luck.
 Add getting Jon-Jons off  to the the list of things he can Houdini his way out of.  (Sleep sacks, cribs, strollers, diapers...) 
 My sweet little boy.  Before I know it his little legs will be longer than mine.  Oh my heart.
 And because I'm a "cool mom" I let them jump on the bed ;)
Friday was Good Friday and Georgia went to her friend's birthday party.  Other than that we just hung out all day.  Jonathan took Georgia on a date to CFA, Justice, The Disney Store, and Claire's to celebrate getting picked for team and all A's.
Saturday we hung out with our neighbors all day outside and it was so nice.  We also did weed and feed because our back yard is now all weeds thanks to the Harvey flood washing them all in.  Thanks.  Early on Saturday I drove to college station to do a newborn session but after that it was such a chill day.  Our little neighbor friend Collin likes to wander into our house on occasion and he is so so cute.  He lives across the street from us and his grandparents live next door so sometimes while wandering from his parents to his grandparents he makes an appearance in our kitchen...or playroom...or entry way.  He's a funny one.  Him and Georgia helped Jonathan test all of our sprinkler heads.
Sunday was Easter and I'll post about that later :)

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