Favorite Things - Winter

April 10, 2018

Some things made a huge impact on The Powell House this winter.  Some just with me and some with the entire house.  Here's the list.

Gap Jeans
I needed new jeans so badly so I ran to The Gap real fast hoping I would find something good.  I lived in all three pairs pretty much the entire winter.  I got two pairs of "Gap true skinny" and one"Gap true skinny distressed".  On the tag it said something about worth the wiggle and a little note about how they can be hard to get on but once they're on they are comfortable.  And, it is so true.  I've worked out in them at home a few times because I already had them on and I've chased the kids in them every day that I've worn them.  Here I am in the distressed pair before the rodeo.
Cottage Cheese
Oh my gosh.  We eat A LOT of sour cream at our house and A LOT of cheese.  A small move towards the healthy camp has been switching out some of that to cottage cheese.  It's so good!

Google Docs / Google Sheets
I've changed computers so many times and I can never keep my Microsoft Suit up.  That's when I finally used Google Docs/Sheets that my husband has been telling me about for years.  All the same stuff as Microsoft but it's all free and online.  They also have an app so when you save your files you can see/edit them on your phone.  Super simple and I've used them countless times since finding them.

I wear THESE brown leather slip on Keds nearly every day.  They looks so gross at this point.  I really need to clean them.  They are so comfy and go with almost everything.  Super good buy.  Pictured is my go to winter outfit.  Bell sleeves.  Gap jeans.  Keds.
Yogurt Flips (or "Tilts" at Aldi)
Specifically this flavor as well.  I literally cannot get enough.  I eat at least one a day if not two.

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