Week in the Life - 13

April 9, 2018

I feel like I'm one of the only people that still blogs other than "big bloggers".  I rarely have many "normal" blogs to read these days but I mainly do it just for me so here goes...maybe if I get caught up one day on saving all my blog posts then I'll switch over to just using Instagram but who knows.

I'm sitting down to start writing this on Tuesday and I already feel like it is a slow week.

Monday was tough because we had to get back into the school routine.  We spent a lot of time outside because it was a nice day.  And also, Milam climbs on everything.
On tuesday I wanted to start out my day productive.  I made my bed y'all.  I really feel like it helped me get more accomplished throughout the rest of the day.
Milam and I take a morning walk every morning that we are able.  Today we found a soft ball and a turtle.
It also got hot this day so we had Popsicles outside.  After winter in Texas it's basically summer.
He scratched his nose himself with his finger nail.  He's looked so beat up this past week.
On Wednesday I hung out with this kid some more.  How cool is he?!  We went and visited my grandmother in the hospital.  She had a UTI which can be pretty bad in the elderly and then had what she said was "a touch on phenomena".  She's doing better now and got moved into rehab today.  Yay, Nanny!  Then we snagged lunch and came home.
On Thursday we got the house exterminated so we were out and about for a few hours.  Went to Sonic and the park and then headed to my mom's so Georgia could do her homework and get dressed for gymnastics.  I got this great picture of them below ;)
Friday we had friends (here's to my college roommate and I being friends for 14 years!) over for dinner.  No pictures to prove it.  We played in the yard before they got here and Milam picked up his first bug.  It was super exciting.
Saturday we had most of Jonathan's employees over at our house.  In total there were 17 of us and it was great fun.  We even played flash light hide and seek in our huge yard because there were a lot of kids in tow!  So fun.  I only took one picture of Jonathan before everyone got there.  Boys and fire.  It was terrible weather.  Cold and rainy but everyone kept staying outside in the nasty drizzle.
On sunday we went to church, had lunch with my family, and then I had a photo shoot. (We were doing more bluebonnets on this day and we found a good spot on the side of the road.  A sweet lady opened her gate for us to her 100 acres of bluebonnets.  I really love when we get to see the good in people!)  The most exciting thing that happened on Sunday was Milam said his first longer sentence!  Ahh!  He said, "Momma, I wuv woo" and my heart exploded!

We've also been doing a lot of yard work...mainly killing a lot of weeds but we're making good progress!
It's nice to not have a lot of photographic evidence of a wonderful weekend.  We were too busy enjoying ourselves to be behind a screen.

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