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April 24, 2018

So, I've had a bit of a roller coaster with Stitch Fix.  I liked my first box but every box after that just got worse and worse.  I felt like they didn't listen to me.  And in all honesty, because my first box was good, I blogged about it, and then I had some credit from people who had signed up from my link so it wasn't a big risk for me to give them another shot.  I did everything I was "supposed" to do to get a good box.  Leave a lot of feedback.  Make a pinterest board.  And, when I put such terrible feedback they gave me my styling fee back which was really nice of them so I wasn't out any money.

Don't get me wrong.  I love getting stuff in the mail but I'm not going to keep clothes I don't like just because it's exciting to get things in the mail.  If I wouldn't buy it at the store I'm not going to buy it from a subscription service.  I don't buy a whole lot of stuff for myself ever anyways so it is nice to get some new things on occasion.  I usually buy specific items (like, I need a new dress for a wedding or I need more jeans).  I rarely buy something just because.  I just have gotten to the point where I don't like shopping.

Anyway...this is seriously the best box ever.  So spot on.  I was so excited to leave all my feedback when I checked out and request the same stylist for future boxes.  Join HERE

Up first
Daniel Rainn - Becru Lace Detail Blouse
Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short
This outfit is so me.  Flowy shirt and shorts.  That's like, all I wear in the summer since I've had kids.  I typically am a dress person but I can't wear a dress comfortably to the park and chase the kids.  The shorts fit perfectly and I really liked the color.  Both of these items are for sure keepers!
I don't have the name of this shirt.  Sorry guys!  And, I failed to get a picture of the print close up but it is ADORABLE!  And, I apoligize for the mean mug.  I was trying to see if the camera was working and all the other images were blurry.  Fail.

Another mostly white flowy top.  Yes please.  Right up my alley.  The print is small colorful birds and I love it.  It's not too much.  Perfect for spring and summer...and let's be honest, most of fall here in Texas.  Another keeper!
Lenaya Knit Maxi Dress
This dress was soft and I really liked the back.  Also, really liked the color.  I mostly wear blue and black/white.  I don't get too crazy over here.  I don't love the hem line in the front.  I prefer even all around and no high low thing.  Sent back.  More on that later...
 I really liked the back of this dress.  So sorry for this terrible photo!
these shorts.
I SO wanted these shorts.  It was the one item I requested and although there were the same size as the shorts shown above they didn't fit.  Huge blow to my self esteem because they were way too small.  I was so super bummed!  Hence the reason there is no picture of me in them.  I could get them on but it wasn't pretty, y'all!  Had the shorts fit then I would have kept the dress despite it not being my favorite so that I could use the 25% discount for keeping all the items.  BUT...there was no way I could have kept them.  Plus, they were nearly $100 which is way more than I would normally pay for shorts.
And, update to what I kept.  I had to have X-rays done on my tailbone to the tune of $1000 so I did the adult thing and kept the pretty green shorts but sent the rest back because I couldn't justify keeping most of it when I had spent so much money on a lame X-ray.  Bummer.

Apologizing for typos.  Not proofed.

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Callie said...

I’m always curious about StitchFix, but I also like shopping in person, so I haven’t tried it!

Emily Powell said...

My first box was a homer in and so was my most recent one. All the ones in the middle were a total waste. I like it but I can find good stuff on my own as well...I just rarely make the effort!


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