Week in the Life - 15

April 23, 2018

I don't know what happened with my life on Monday...what did I do?  I went to MOPS and had a housekeeper come for the first time ever so I was probably in some sort of happiness coma.

Tuesday Jonathan worked late and we went on a lot of walks.  Milam has been waking up at about 6:30 every morning when his normal wake up time is about 7 or 7:30 and he's been napping less than two hours when his normal nap is 3 hours.  He's just as happy as can be but he's eating a TON so hoping that in a few days he'll been in the sleep a lot phase of a growth spurt.
Tried to snag a selfie with my boy
Don't know how much longer I can last until I fix his haircut
Wednesday was donuts with dad.  Yay.  I also went to have some X-Rays done.  I've been having a lot of tailbone pain.  It's bad but turns out it isn't broken so I'm not sure what my next step is.  Chiropractor maybe?
Thursday was G's school musical.  Obviously I was really into how cute she looked before school that morning.
Milam spent a lot of time outside.
We wore #pearlsforBarbara
Someone was really loud cheering sister on.  He was so tickled to see her on stage.  He was so excited for her.  It was really cute.
On friday we had a bit of a rough day.  He wanted a nap.  He fell down and busted up his face.  He wanted to be held a lot.
Then, did some lounging...and FYI he doesn't know how to use the iPad.  He just pushes the home button over and over again.
And I wore this bloody shirt until about 3pm because why not?!
Oh my goodness y'all!  We did movie night and were watching Benji!  Within minutes Georgia was crying and cried off and on the entire movie.  It was so bad.  Parenting fail!
Saturday I didn't take any pictures.  Jonathan had to work and Georgia had a gym meet. We worked on the yard, ran errands, and had dinner with my mom and step dad.

Then, on Sunday I had to work.  I had the two cutest little twin clients.  Adorable little guys!  The grandma sent me this pull back shot.
 While I was working (which I rarely do on Sundays) Jonathan was in charge of the kids for church.  This was their sunday morning picture and I think it's just the cutest.
I came home, G had a friend over, M got up from his nap and we played outside.
Then we hit up Whole Foods for dinner and came home to clean up and go to bed.  I also spent some time trying to take non awkward Stitch Fix pictures.  Look for those tomorrow.  Not promising greatness but I did FINALLY love my box.  Yay!
Happy Monday!

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