Week in the Life - 16

April 30, 2018

This week gave be summarized in two words: Grass pollen.

Because of this we didn't go on our morning walks.  We stayed inside as much as possible (and bought new air filters for our AC). Both Milam and I were coughing and had sinus congestion while Georgia and Jonathan were/are fine.

We went outside for small 20 minute intervals.  Milam got his little Boden swimsuits in and they are so cute.
 Georgia made the most creative little bird feeder
 Georgia looks cute everyday for school but this day I thought she looked especially cute!
 I tried to be a "fun mom" with Milam.  We've done this project before and failed.  I'm not sure why I thought it would work this time.  It didn't work last time either.  He's a frustrating little guy.
 He loves black beans.  So funny.  He's drinking them.
 Oh goodness.  This was day 3 or 4 of not going outside.  I was desperate for something for us to do.  Lite Brite for the win.  Finally.
 When Milam gets up and Georgia comes home I usually make some sort of family snack for all of us to share.
 On Friday our church had parent's night out.  I love when they do this!  We went to a new local place and we liked it ok.  Just sitting and talking with this guy was more than enough.  After dinner we went to get ice cream and and then hung out at the book store.  My mom watched Milam at our house so she could put him in bed.
 Once our allergies seemed to be at bay we ventured outside more and more to play in the water and eat homemade popsicles.  I promise you, I did not edit his eyes.  I think they look this blue because he's looking up at the sky and there were no clouds so his blue eyes were reflecting the blue sky.
On saturday Jonathan took the kids to the grocery store while I stayed home to catch up on life.  Jonathan then took Georgia to work with him (fine arts festival) and I stayed home so Milam could nap.  That night I had to work.  Lots of coming and going on Saturday but also family time.  All in all it was a normal saturday.
On sunday we went to church, did house work, and then headed into Houston for a photo shoot.
I became obsessed with these trees.  Did an online deep dive and found out what they were.  They were in the parking lot we used while in Houston.
 We went to dinner at Barnaby's and then headed home.  We got in bed way too late.

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