Week in the Life - 17

May 7, 2018

On Monday we skipped MOPS.  I know I know.  But, after a really busy weekend I just could not get my mind wrapped around getting up and dressed.  We lounged around home and ran a few low key errands.  We even went to the park to kill some time but I literally wore the same workout gear all day...that I had slept in that night.
 On monday night Jonathan let the kids help him make granola bars.  He's so funny about his dang granola bars.
Tuesday was our normal go on a walk, eat breakfast, play outside, run errands routine.  I did school pick up this day and brought a friend home.  They played outside, found a snake, just the usual.  Haha.

Wednesday Georgia went to my niece's birthday party.  My mom took her because Jonathan was working late and I didn't really want to take Milam to a swim party.
On Thursday we continued to play outside a lot!
On Friday I took the kids to school and pulled Milam out of his car seat once we got at home and he instantly puked all over the garage floor (me, himself, my purse, his stuffed animals) and I could tell he was warm.  The stomach bug had stuck our home! ahh!  I felt terrible because he was sick (duh) but also because Jonathan cancelled a quick weekend trip with his dad.  I was glad to have the extra set of hands since Milam only wanted to be held.  Luckily he napped well and slept well at night.  We even played in the rain when bitty boy was feeling up to it. He only threw up that one time in the morning so that was a plus!
On Saturday we played outside and went on a walk and were thankful that Milam's fever had broken sometime in the night.  We had an early dinner of mexican food and then headed off to a photo shoot.
On Sunday Milam hit 24 hours post fever but I didn't want to push it so we stayed home from church and then Jonathan and I took turns running errands.
We've been sprucing the yard all spring.  We finally added the back yard chalkboard.  The kids love it.  I just embraced the kid junk and gave it it's own corner of the yard.  It's not glamorous but it works for now.
Not exciting by any means but it's sunday and we are all healthy and mainly happy so I'll call it a win.

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