Favorite Things - Spring 2018

June 15, 2018

So many of you have been commenting on my blog.  I am JUST NOW seeing them and have no way to respond.  Blogger is not emailing me my comments and there is no respond section in my comments.  I have no way to remedy that.  If you have had this issue and fixed it please email me at: Emily.Powell@ymail.com or message me on Insta @MrsEmilyPowell

I always respond to my messages and comments...if I know they're there.  Super frustrated!

The spring y'all!  The pollen.  The weather.  The heat.  The bugs.  That pretty much sums it up.  Here's how we're surviving in the Texas heat.

Me and the kid use 24 hour Zyrtec nearly everyday.  It keeps us sane.
He is my favorite weather guy.  Favorite.  He's usually always right and he doesn't get everyone worked up like the weather people on TV.  Super simple and straight forward
The shorts came in my Stitch Fix box and I wear them about every other day.  Seriously.  I had a really good box last time.  I may end up ordering more of these of the same brand since I wear them so often.
When it comes to water bottles I want something that has a twist on lid with no openings and does not sweat.  I need to be able to throw it in my purse or diaper bag and just go and not have to worry about it.  The one I linked to I ended up buying for Georgia's teacher and I really liked it.  So pretty.
My allergies were so bad this spring and I drank tea all day to soothe my scratchy throat and help clear my congestion.  I use a lot of brands and flavors but regular Earl Grey is my favorite.
We got this Instant type quinoa in my Influenster box and we were pretty skeptical.  But it was so so good!  It cooked really fast and we used it in all kinds dishes.  We even used it for taco night and Asian night and it was super yummy in place of rice.  We all loved it.
With Georgia we used a regular diaper bag and that was fine.  With Milam I didn't really use a diaper bag.  I just put his things in my giant Kate Spade bag and that was fine.  Now that Milam is all over the place and we run around the park I needed something that would free up my arms and close on the top so everything wouldn't fall out.  I searched forever on Amazon and decided to give this once a try.  I'm really liking it.  It fits all of Milam and Georgia's things and Jonathan and I both feel comfortable wearing it.  It's really big but not heavy.


Callie said...

A friend gave me a Stitch Fix gift card for my birthday, and I'm so excited to give it a try now!! Those are cute shorts!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

That backpack is really cute! I feel like I should be out of the diaper bag phase (my youngests are 3.5) but with 4 kids I just have to carry so much stuff. If we go anywhere outdoors, they all have water bottles, in the summer we have to have sunscreen and bug spray, my oldest has an allergy so we have to take her medication, and then my stuff like wallet, sunglasses, etc. I feel like I'll be carrying a giant bag until they're all teenagers!!

Emily Powell said...

Callie - I LOVE the shorts! Since having kids I wear shorts much more often because they are so practical!

Natalie - Yes! Backpack for the win!


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