Georgia's Room is Finally Finished

June 12, 2018

I mean, is any room ever really done? BUT, aside from a possible bookshelf, needing new carpet, and finishing the trim in the closet her room is now checked off of my list.

Georgia's room was originally a formal living room.  We (with the help of others) transformed it into her bedroom.  You can see before pictures HERE and see what it has mainly looked like ever since.

Her room is right off of the front entry way so everyone sees it when they walk in the house and I've been wanting to add the wow factor to her room for awhile and not just a jumble of her things.  It is still Whispering Peach by Benjamin Moore with cute peach details throughout (as well as owls because she loves those) but I added some llamas also because she likes them and they're cute.

Her bed, dresser, and night stand were all mine as a child.  My mom bought them for my "big girl room" when I was two and I've had them ever since.  The sconces are from my grandmother's house and the bird cage light fixture was a quick fix one night at HEB.

Jonathan did the paneling behind her bed and made the cornice board for her window.  The curtains are from Ikea and all the bedding is a huge mix from all over the place.  The llama banner is from the Target party section, and the adorable llama above her desk she made in art class and I could not get it framed fast enough!

Her collage walls and other wall decor is from all over the place.  Antiques, HEB, hand me downs...BUT the real show stopper is the beautiful flower mural behind her bed.  Those were hand painted by a friend and she did it for a steal and it totally makes the room.

Georgia made her "G" next to her bedroom door and I love it.  I was a premade wood G that she painted and decorated on her own.  It's so cute.

Her desk is THIS ONE from Amazon.
 I took these two quick pictures with my phone to get larger angles.  Not the best quality but may give you a better feel for the space.  Not pictured to the right of the bed is her closet.
The prettiest peach (and llama and owl and flower) room for my pretty peach of a girl.


Klein Dot Co said...

LOVE everything about this room! The details are amaze :)

Traci Little said...

SO SO Beautiful!

It's nice to meet you! I found your blog through clouded glass's blog! <3


Emily Powell said...

Thanks guys! We’re really enjoying it!

Emily Powell said...


Emily Powell said...


Callie said...

Emily, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how her room turned out! The floral mural is definitely a showstopper! Great job, the room is beautiful!

Emily Powell said...

Thanks. It was a labor of love for sure!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

It turned out so cute!! I LOVE that flower wall. How awesome that your friend painted it :) I'm sure it's nice to have one more room on your list checked off!

Emily Powell said...

Thanks so much! Super long list to go but so happy to have this done! (May be the only room 100% done in the entire house!)


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