Week in the Life - 21 (Summer is here!)

June 4, 2018

This week started out gearing up for summer.  The last few themed days at school, gifts for kid's summer goodie bags, teacher gifts, being unhappy on me and Jonathan's continued diet (basically no bread and no added sugar).  The normal pre-summer stuff.  Georgia's gym was also closed this week so we had a week off from gymnastics.

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures because nothing too exciting has been happening.  Not that everyday life isn't picture worthy, it is, but I've been listening to audible a lot and playing with the kids.

Jonathan and I were talking about how when we were kids we loved reading encyclopedias.  I really don't want to create a technology only child (because I would not have learned very well like that as a child) but also because she loves to read and loves to learn.
 My mom gave us her old (pre 1980 set) and Georgia has just jumped right in.  She wrote a one page report over elephants just because she wanted too...which is so funny because I used to do the same thing.  Now, where to store them?!
 Jonathan and I are doing low carb.  So no pasta or bread and very little rice.  Also, no added sugar.  So fruit and honey are a yes but chocolate is a no and that is VERY hard for me!  We let ourselves eat popcorn and it is so good.  There is an adorable popcorn and candy shop down the street from our house and it is so delicious!  We had been there a handful of times before but G's school did a fundraiser and I ended up buying a ton.  We plowed through the ones from school in just a few days so I had to go get more at the shop.
 So good that he shoved all the popcorn from his cup holder into his mouth before we went in a store to run an errand.
 Georgia hides her house shoes from Milam because he loves them.  We wears them whenever he gets a chance.  He runs in her room and goes straight to her hiding spot, grabs them, and runs out of her room.
 I've tried to be a kombucha fan for a while and it just doesn't do it for me. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.  But this one is good and I'm not even a huge Dr. Pepper fan.  I stopped drinking "soda" type drinks back in high school and never looked back (sweet tea - yes please!).  They had other flavors so I know I'll give them a go!  (Did NOT like Lemon-Lime and neither did G but M did)
Georgia had her last day of school and got the "Future teacher" award which I can totally see.
 It was a half day so we stayed inside while it was still super hot outside and then headed out to play around sunset.  I think I'm going to be sad to send her back in August!
Friday and saturday seem to be a blurrrr...we played, celebrated donut day, ate a lot of ice pops, and went on walks.  This heat is just killer!

On sunday we celebrated my grandmother's 94th birthday!
Good low key weekend to get into the swing of summer!


Callie said...

I think it’s so cool that you have an old encyclopedia set! I want one. Also, what are you listening to on Audible?

Emily Powell said...

I’ve been listening to the Red Rising series and a handful of classics. It is saving me in terms of my reading goals!


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