Where to Eat in Conroe

June 7, 2018

We live in Conroe and we love it here.  If you are ever passing through (on 45N then you may want to stop by!)  Always check store hours.  Several are closed on Sundays or the weekends.  I'll mark the ones I know.  I'm not listing chains.  We don't go eat at chains a lot unless it's CFA.

I've included our favorite places in Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery.  I didn't include The Woodlands because that's a whole different area and the list would be huge.


Toasted Yolk
Cafe style breakfast.  More "upscale" than 105 cafe below.  I think it's a little pricier but haven't noticed that the food tastes any better.  Good parking
105 Cafe
Typical cafe styled breakfast. Hole in the wall type place...very yummy.  We usually have to park at the high school and walk over because it's so crowded.  If you don't go early then there will be a wait on the weekends although today is Tuesday and there was a wait when I drove by this morning (I live really close!)
The absolute best donuts you will ever have in your entire life.  One Conroe location and two New Caney locations.  I don't even bother with donuts anymore unless they're Pat's.  It is 100% pointless.  Once you have Pat's you will never go back.  Promise.


Pizza Shack
It's actually a lot nicer than it sounds and their dishes are actually better (in our opinion) than their pizza which is very yummy.  Good dessert selection and two locations.  Willis (the original) and Montgomery
MacKenzie's BBQ
Family owned and super yummy traditional BBQ.  Parking can be tricky.  There is parking in the back.
Vernon's (Beer Garden)
We call it Vernon's BBQ but a lot call it Beer Garden.  It says, "BBQ" on the front but I'm not saying we're right ;) They have BBQ, fried food, burgers, and Mexican food (and really good sweet tea). Basically if you like eating typical Texas food then go here! Huge patio and play area makes it a must when you have kids.
Vernon's Kountry Katfish
Owned by the same family as above.  Make yummy seafood.  Also, I must note: They flooded during Hurricane Harvey and served the community FOR FREE from their parking lot next to their totaled building.  They took donations only and then used those donations to pay all their employees until they could open again!  Y'all that is an A+ establishment.  And, their open and better than ever.
Mama Juanita's
Our go to Mexican place.  Georgia's favorite!
La Hacienda
Our go to Mexican for large gatherings when we know there will be a lot of kids.  They have a large patio and usually a great Tejano band playing on the weekends.
Pacific Yardhouse
A huge selection of beer but I will say from what we ordered was a little over priced but very cool atmosphere.  A lot of live music.  I'm going to try it again.  My mom loves it.
Red Brick Tavern
One of me and Jonathan's favorites.  Delicious food, good drinks, and live music.  Downside.  It is VERY small.  I would take Georgia (7) but not Milam (1).  It is just way too crammed.
Honey Bee Ham
Need a burger? Go here! Two burgers, two fried, two drinks for $10! Say whaaaaat?! Their onion rings and burgers are SO SO good.  It's a family favorite!  Total hole in the wall but delicious!
Looks like a chain Italian place but it's not.  It is locally owned and really good.  We usually get a pizza, pasta, and Caesar salad.  Delish.
The best meatball sub you will ever eat.  Must try!


Montgomery bakehouse
(Closed on sunday)
Easy to get to.  Great parking.  The best chocolate macaroons I have ever eaten.  No tax and the prices CANNOT be beat.  We are huge HUGE fans!
Back in Time Popcorn
(Closed on sunday)
Lots of popcorn and LOTS of candy.  This place is so fun and their popcorn tastes so good.  I love cheddar/ranch and Jonathan likes Extra Buttery (which my mom says is too salty.)
Chiller Bee
Our favorite place for yogurt.  Christian owned and plays christian music.  Really cute and kid friendly.  Conroe, Montgomery, and The Woodlands locations.
Lottie's Shivers
The cutest most adorable sno cone stand.  Paid attention to every single detail.  Georgia loves getting star shaped edible glitter and using their color changing spoons.  Huge deck and a lot of kid games next to a giant field.  It's a huge summer hang out spot for the elementary kids :)
(Closed on weekends)
Seriously delicious but I have one thing that bothers me.  They are in Downtown Conroe and on a one way street that is very busy so it's really hard to find parking.  I assume it's the owner who parks their car right in front of the shop in the best spot there is available.  There are only a handful of spots and they could easily use other free parking options and walk.  It's hard for me to find a spot and get my kids out and walk a few blocks in the Texas heat.  Aside from that (which really bothers me!) there food is second to none and the bakery itself is adorable.  They have food as well.  They are usually playing french music which ups the cute level.


Callie said...
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Callie said...

Oh my goodness, you are making me hungry! I’ve thought about doing a similar post, but the pickins are a little slim in our tiny little town!

Emily Powell said...

It was really fun to sit down and compile a list. Our area is growing for sure!


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