Week in the Life - 26

August 6, 2018

This is the first blog post I've written from my new laptop.  On the digital front I feel a little behind because I'm getting used to a new system.  I'm on my computer all the time working and I still haven't memorized the "feel" of it.  I went from a crummy PC laptop to a super great MacBook Pro.  I'm familiar with apple but there are few little things that I'm still trying to get to become second nature.  Anyhow, here's what we've been up to.

I had my back to school sessions! I dressed Georgia to match one of her little besties when I learned they had the same dress.  They are so cute together.  K is going into 1st and G is going into 2nd because K missed the school cut off by 12 hours so although they are great friends they are in different grades.
Brother did THIS while I was shooting.  Ugh.  My children take monkey to another level.
Eating lots of odds and ends and watching A LOT of Full House!
Hanging out with this girl at night while Jonathan works extra hours.
Played Putt Putt and went to a new hot dog place in town.
Eating out way too much and washing a lot of food out of his hair...always.
Milam being so sweet with his little baby.  In his swim class they use a baby doll to show him how to float.  I found a little doll in our collection that would float and now he's obsessed with making it kick and float.  It's so cute!
My mom and Aaron have come over a lot.  All the babies need them.
We made a new trellis for the front yard.  File that under...why didn't we do this sooner.  I think I'm going to plant jasmine to grow on it.  It's been a favorite for awhile but I didn't have a place for it. Our house is a 1965 ranch.  It has the classic roofline and then the one window on the master that is a-symetrical gives that 60's vibe because it's off center.  We're trying to make it more cottage because other than the roofline and that one window the rest of the house is pretty nondescript.  We've added shutters and window boxes and now this trellis.  I think they all really help add to the curb appeal when the basics of the house are all pretty boring.
Milam is so so spoiled between Milam and I.  It's ridiculous.  He was leaning on Georgia's shoulder and saying, "night night" while she hand fed him.
Jonathan tried a new recipe tonight (Monday) and it was a flop for us.  Nothing he did wrong, it just wasn't for us so we went and got some dessert to end on a good note! Milam is living the life I tell ya'!

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