Common Question as a Photographer

October 4, 2018

One of the most common questions I get as a photographer is, "what should we wear?"  People fear picking their outfits...they agonize over it but it isn't that hard, y'all!

Here is the method I use almost every time we take a group photo.  I pick Georgia's outfit first.  Her outfit is normally the most fun and has the most pattern because little girl's clothes have the most options honestly.

I had been looking forever for Georgia and I found this plaid dress on Gymboree and put it with her fur (Carter's) vest that we already had just to break it up a bit.  Then I picked two colors from her dress, orange and blue and found the perfect outfit for Milam that had both colors from Little English.  I put J in orange and me in blue (that we already owned) and we're done.  It is coordinated but not "matchy" and that is what I typically go for.  As a family it looks good and no matter how we're paired up or grouped it looks good, and as a photographer it is interesting to the eye and keeps you moving from one person to the next.

You'll be seeing this on a Christmas Card soon!

Now...onto buy shoes for me and Georgia!

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