Week in the Life - 34

October 1, 2018

On Monday I was supposed to go to MOPS but I just couldn't.  I was totally being lazy but I just wanted to be lazy.  Now that it's "Christmas card season" I am pretty busy on the weekends and I really dislike doing anything on Monday so we skipped.  Plus dodging all this rain has me super stressed.  Oh goodness with all the rain.  I want it to stop.

Instead, Milam and I played outside.  We were covered in dirt and bug spray and Milam likes to chase the chickens and tries to ride them like horses but it was good to just be at home with my boy.
Also, Georgia looked cute in her pink on Monday.
Tuesday is when my children seemingly went crazy.  They have both always been monkeys and have always kept me on my toes but oh goodness...this week.  Luckily they were really sweet on Tuesday and gave each other lots of hugs and snuggles.
Wednesday, Milam and I watched some construction across the street.  He was super interested but also a little nervous.  I enjoy the cuddles though.
 I turned our hallway into a "Haunted Hallway" because Georgia wanted to, "turn every room in the house into a haunted house for the kids to tour when they trick or treat".  Milam insists we lay on the floor and stare up at the lights and floating hats.
 When Milam gets up from his naps is just about the time Georgia gets home from school so they're both hungry.  I just started making big family snacks and they've enjoyed them so far.
 This dog, y'all.  This week has already been a little on the busy side and crazy side (grumpy button pushing kids) but on Wednesday she chased a dump truck down our street.  I was holding her collar but it was so far passed our house that I let it go (our street is never busy) and she took off after it.  I was so mad at her.  Then I came home from a short walk with the kids (to go look at construction...duh!) and she had a chicken cornered and it wasn't moving.  The chickens aren't in that part of the yard normally but she hopped the fence.  Jonathan got her up and moving.  She was scared and wet but fine.  Goodness y'all, Penelope is so sweet but still so much of a puppy.
Milam was really cute on Thursday but other than that I can't remember what we did.  And look at his face.  I think he's hit his face three times times week.  Such a crazy little boy: see Friday
I wrote an entire post about Friday because it was a DAY! Go read it HERE!
Saturday and Sunday
I was supposed to be booked solid with photoshoots but the rain ruined all hope of that.  Jonathan worked late at the homecoming dance, Georgia and I watched another movie (Hotel Transylvania was Friday and Hotel Transylvania II was Saturday), during the day we went car shopping and when we got home the kids snacked and played in the mud.  Oh and G and I went to an art show on Saturday as well. On Sunday we went to church.

On Sunday I also checked on all my orders in progress.  One of Milam's fall shirts hasn't shipped, one of G's fall dresses JUST shipped, I never made the Carter's order (vest, polo, and halloween pajamas) I was 100% certain that I did, and I never ordered M's fall shirt that I was 100% sure I did.  I must be totally losing my ever loving mind...ugh.  Should I now order or just let it go?!
Here's to Monday

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