Week in the life 45 - The rest of 2018

January 2, 2019

On of my main goals this year is to catch up on my memory keeping.  I have the first several years of my blogs saved but after that...nada.  I really want to get that done.  So, I feel that the best way to do that is to pause my blog for awhile and start saving those memories.  So, I'm dumping the rest of 2018 here, may do a goals post, and then it's going to be peace out for awhile.  I'm not sure how long.  I'll be posting A LOT on @thePowellDaily just for the purposes of starting a Chatbooks account.

We welcomed the New Year quietly while we all recovered from a tummy bug...all but Georgia.  She has still remained fine.

Our latest hang is the skate park.

Climbing trees is still her jam...

And randoms...

Happy 2019

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