January 4, 2010

I searched images titled "vent" as in "venting" and this is what I got. Makes me feel better :)

I teach ART! There are no tests in my class SO why do I have to sit through meetings that last an entire day that do not, in any way, pertain to my content area??? I had so many things I needed to get done today and didn't really have the chance to do them because I was listening to teaching methods that I couldn't really put into place in my classroom. Nice

and...I need to stop being surrounded by pregnant people. Everyday I have to tell myself why I SHOULDN'T have a baby right now! I'm totally happy for all the cute preggers out there I just don't need to be one of them...

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Lyndsey said...

amen to all the preggers people! not what i need to see right now!

in response to your inquiries - we work out at our neighborhood clubhouse thing. it's not the greatest gym ever but it's free (ya know, minus the homeowner's fees we already pay). Will did send them an email saying they need to get a new elliptical, we'll see if that works out!

and jobs...idk, the "art industry" really isn't booming out here in the 'burbs so I'll probably stick with teaching. I don't mind the daytime work, but it's all the afterschool grading/workshops/copying/planning that's getting really old. so i'm still checking surrounding ISDs practically daily for any art openings or even PreK (still reg. classroom but no grading at least!).

i WISH i could find a stay at home job...make some money but still have time to get stuff done! there are some nannying jobs here in town but clearly they wont pay as well...i just need to win the lottery and be done.


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