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January 31, 2010

I recently read a friend's blog that talked about photo albums and it caused me to think of how I organize my photos and memories. My theory is that if I keep everything organized now that when kids come into the picture it will be that much easier. (hopefully) So, here is how I have organized my photos/memories thus far.

Here is Christmas. I have another Christmas album but it is in the attic. I plan to have one every Christmas :)

Here is how I have our photos pre engagement.

This is college with friends.

This is our trip collection. The blue one is camping, green is honeymoon, and brown in Jamaica.

And last is our wedding/marriage photos. The large book that is open is our official wedding album from our photographer. The pink one in the middle is my friends and I getting ready before the wedding. The tan spiral is our engagement photos, events, and memories. The black glossy one is more engagement photos...professional and ones from different showers and such. The white binder is our collection of memories from our first year married, and the last one is a wedding book a friend made for me (it's under the tan spiral).

So far so good for me! I just finished making an album online of my favorite pictures from our first year of marriage and I plan to order that soon. Hopefully when year 2 is complete I'll be on the ball getting that made. I also plan to print my blog.
Anyone else have ways they organize their photos and special memories?


Tara. said...

ahh.. i love organizing pictures!

i have photo albums from 6th grade-12th grade. i made a scrapbook for each year of college.

my senior year of college, i started making photo books online through iphoto. they just look nicer and i hope they will stay intact longer!

years down the road it will be so fun to show them to your kids!

Amy said...

Cool! Many cute albums. I don't have room for many, so I'm selective about how many pictures I print. I do have a separate album for my pets, though. I've kind of slowed down on the photo albums, but I'm sure that changes with kids.

Lyndsey said...

I totally need to do this. I have packets and packets of pictures from Walgreens and stuff that I need to organize in a book or at least some kind of keeper!!


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