Simple Pleasures

February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasure:

A clean house and no laundry in the hamper

When my students actually, "get it" or their projects turn out better than I imagined!

When I walk in the school first thing in the morning and it is totally SILENT. I'm one of the first teacher there in the morning.

When both Perry and Paxton are asleep (because they are still)

Dinner with "couple" friends

A hot bath every night

Hanging out with my parents

knee socks

hot tea that keeps my core temp. up in my classroom (yesterday it was 65)

talking to a great friend on the phone

texts from my dad

dessert (always!)

when I get a new follower on my blog :)

a DIY that actually turns out well!

babysitting Cooper

having nothing written down on my to-do list

buying something that will work perfectly in our house

fresh flowers in a pretty vase

orange Gatorade

not having a home phone line so we don't get telemarketing calls

listening to John Mayer

finding the perfect gift


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Rachel Lillian said...

Rachel Lillian O'Shields

...apparently, that important one slipped your mind!


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