Heart breaking!

February 26, 2010

Since Jonathan and I plan on adopting sometime in the future I'm always doing research on adoption since it is a lengthy and costly process. Today I was looking up adoption in Mexico and Colombia and nearly cried. On the right side of the site there were photo listings of children available for adoption in the U.S. They read: "Devonta (11 M)". Like he was some kind of dog with his gender and age listed...I know people fall in love with the faces of their children when they first get a photo of their adoptive child but to have them listed online? Like you are shopping? It just made me so upset. Upset because these children don't have homes, upset because most people will not consider adoption unless they have a problem conceiving, and upset because they were posted online.

Sorry, I just needed to vent...


Krissy said...

I completely agree Emily, there are so many children starving for homes and I wish I had the guts and money to adopt one or ten of them! My sister stopped having kids of her own after 2 and is planning on adopting down the road as well.

Lyndsey said...

I'm glad you guys have decided to adopt Jarrett and I would love to adopt in the US! There are so many good kids who need homes! In response to your question, we'll be moving quite a ways south, in the Clear Lake area.

Jessica said...

I think adoption is such a wonderful thing...I have though about becoming a foster Mom after I have children, I think it would be really awesome.

But...that is just awful you don't look for a kid like you are shopping around for a puppy!!


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