March 27, 2010

I feel as if I have nothing of interest to post. It's a pretty mundane Saturday and it was a pretty mundane week.

Today we have bought a few things for the yard, I've pulled weeds, Jonathan is helping a friend car shop, the pups are napping, and I've been watching TV. I want to do something FUN tonight though...

Yesterday, Jonathan and I went on a date to La Madeleine and Barnes and Noble...very typical but fun.

Friday, at work, my first graders finished their sock monkeys. I think they are adorable...yet, a little hard to tell that they're sock monkeys. Whatever!

Also, this weekend may include a trip to the hospital. A few hours ago my step sister's water broke and nephew number 4 should be making his way into this world some time soon! That's not mundane at all! Can't wait to meet little Joshua!


Ashley Raven said...

I think those are pretty snazzy sock monkeys! Aren't nephews the greatest?!? Of course they are!

Cecilly said...

the park was really pretty in places. i like that i can go forty miles away and feel like i'm in another world. i like the monkey sock, way fun.


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