Fabric Update

May 24, 2010

Because you asked the fabric is : Mona and Alphonse by Henry Alexander. Happy shopping!

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Ali said...


Thanks for the fabric info! It's so cute! I might try to make a little pillow for my daughter's bed (3 1/2)!

Or I might make baby doll bedding for one of her baby doll cradles! Her dolls would have one posh bedding set! If I can get organized and track down the fabric in my area!

I can't wait for you to post pics down the road of what you do with the super cute fabric!

I never bought stuff for our kids before we had babies! But, now looking back I wish I would have! We tried for over a year for our first son and it was such a discouraging time for me! I think because once we started "trying" I was already more than ready for a baby! I think it would have shown more faith if I had shopped for my future babies and also I would have had more time to "look" and decide then waiting till I was pregnant! :) My husband and I now have a 6 1/2 boy, 3 1/2 girl and 13 month old son! Nothing better than your own babies / kids! It's the best! :)

~ Ali


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